Dark Nature 2023

The opening of Dark Nature delivers a gripping and realistic horror sequence. Joy is engrossed in meal preparation when Derek arrives home, visibly seething with anger. Joy manages to evade his wrath, but their beloved dog doesn’t fare as well. Jumping six months ahead, Joy, still grappling with the aftermath, joins Carmen on a camping trip combined with therapy, guided by Dr. Dunnely and joined by other women. As the journey progresses, the women begin experiencing flashbacks and visions tied to their past traumas. Joy’s suspicions surrounding Dr. Dunnely intensify, and she becomes convinced that Derek is stalking them. The presence of predator-related evidence raises the stakes. The awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, beautifully captured by cinematographer Jaryl Lim, serve as both a breathtaking backdrop and a menacing force. The film employs sound design to great effect, incorporating unsettling forest sounds, whispering voices, and the distinct click of Derek’s Zippo lighter, maintaining an atmosphere of imminent dread. The creature itself, masterfully crafted by Kyra Macpherson and worn by Luke Moore, offers a creepy and unique interpretation. Despite minor flaws in character development, Dark Nature successfully weaves together themes of abuse, PTSD, and guilt within a traditional wilderness horror narrative, avoiding pretentiousness and delivering a thought-provoking experience. Visit myflixer movies for more!

Dark Nature | May 23, 2023 (United States) Summary: It tells the story of a therapy group that is forced to confront the monsters of their past when an isolated weekend retreat tests their emotional resilience and ability to survive.
Countries: CanadaLanguages: English

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