Thor: God of Thunder (2022)

Thor: God of Thunder (2022) Full Movie Download or Watch Online in HD Quality For Free

If you are looking to watch Thor: God of Thunder (2022) full movie online for free, visit my flixer website. Thor: God of Thunder, the latest mockbuster from The Asylum, is their second film about the hammer-wielding Norseman. This film is not connected to their 2011 film Almighty Thor.

Thank Odin for the small mercies. Loki (Daniel O’Reilly’s The Girl at the Mountain D’Railed) has escaped Asgard’s captivity. He is not alone. His guards Ivar (Vadim Bunnell, 4 horsemen: Apocalypse), arrive late for his meals and eat every last olive. He kills them and runs Odin (Vernon Wells Commando and Tales From the Other Side).

You know, the usual evil diet stuff. Odin can continue until Thor (Myron Kingery. The Time Capsule. Devil’s Triangle). Arrives. He informs him that Loki can only be stopped if he finds the two halves of The Amulet of Varga. Loki only has one half of the Amulet of Varga, and nobody knows where the second half is.

This is a typical heroic quest. A quest needs companions. Dr. Grace Choi (Vaune Suitt), and Dr. Adrian Quinn(Neli Sabour), archeologists just excavating Fenrir prison, can fulfill that role. Director Noah Luke and writer Steve Doucette ( Moon Crash and Jungle Run) don’t give us much, but they keep Thor: Gods of Thunder moving. They also have an earthquake or a swordfight every few minutes to keep it a lively movie, not a boring talkfest, like many Asylum films.

Title: Thor: God of Thunder (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Fantasy
Quality: HD
Directors: Noah Luke
Stars: Vernon Wells, Myrom Kingery, Vaune Suitt, Tyler Albrecht

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