Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift (2022) Full Movie Download or Watch Online in HD Quality For Free

It’s not exactly a good sign when a film about vampires (or zombies or whatever else) starts with a typical fake of an old woman who is a monster disguised. It’s not the most exciting film, and too dependent on vampires twisting their bodies (among other ineffective effects). The story has an intriguing reveal about the woman who is related to the main villain, which is a plus. Surprisingly, the Day Shift isn’t a drama during its majority of the duration. Visit flixtor to watch more movies.

Bud’s relationship with Jocelyn (Meagan Good) is in an uproar, and Jocelyn is preparing to move their child Paige (Zion Broadnax) and relocate to a different state. But it is possible that Bud could make enough money to pay for the high-priced school she attends (and which he’s never late in picking her up because he’s fighting vampires who nobody knows exist, not even members of the family) and also pay for the expense of braces that are required. In this scenario, Jocelyn is willing to reconsider her choice.

The script is also determined to develop new spins on the story of the vampires who live among us and their legends. The story is about an underground vampire hunter’s network selling vampire’s teeth. The teeth of slain vampires are auctioned off, and the price is determined by the kind of vampire, the age, and the state of the tooth. Unfortunately for Bud the vampire, he was ejected from the group for violating numerous rules (and there are many of them, the main joke is that they’re ridiculous) and, as such, Bud can sell his teeth to a close buddy (Peter Stormare) but fails to exchange for more. If Bud can raise the money, he must join the huge-time network in which a massive amount of money is made. This is also where Snoop Dogg comes in as Bud’s long-time buddy Big John Elliott, putting his hand in the ring to the company’s top. He is reluctantly allowed back in. Bud is allowed to rejoin the fold but is paired with an office worker named Seth (Dave Franco), who is assigned to find Bud in breach of his code of conduct once more to be thrown out (in return, Seth will be given an office promotion). Visit myflixer to watch more movies.

Title: Day Shift (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Quality: HD
Directors: J.J. Perry
Stars: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza

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