Interceptor (2022)

Interceptor (2022) Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Want to watch Interceptor (2022) full movie for free? Visit myflixermovies and stream online movies and tv shows for free. “Interceptor” has that action movie feel where you know what you’re getting before you even see it. Despite your best judgment, the trailer isn’t too bad to give you some hope. You go in hopeful because movies like these can be very entertaining. Then you see it, and you realize why you were so reluctant to start with. Although it may be a movie you love, it is too ridiculous and cliché not to see.

“Interceptor,” directed by Matthew Reilly, and produced by Chris Hemsworth (who also makes a brief tone-shattering appearance that milks his likable personality dry), starts badly. This is the absurd setup: Only two US early warning stations can detect and destroy nuclear missiles. We’re doomed. These are called Interceptor bases. One can be found at Fort Greely, Alaska. Another is the seaborne platform known as SBX-1. The text says that SBX-1 lies 1500 miles northwest of Hawaii, but the exact location of this platform is “classified” because audiences could tip off Russians and that we don’t want it.

Title: Interceptor (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Adventure, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Matthew Reilly
Stars: Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta, Paul Caesar, Belinda Jombwe, Marcus Johnson

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